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Roulette Strategy and Systems

This site would not be complete if it didn't have something to say about systems, which are controlled gaming procedures that aspire to outperform random wagering.

Let me say this -there are no honest systems which will consistently overcome casino odds. Gaming systems just don't work. While I agree that structure is important in your game plan, too much of it introduces an excess of rigidity. It's only a matter of time before a table zero's in on the weak link, and hammers it into the shape of Frisbee.




If progressing blindly through a mechanical process worked (at a table), it would have been a huge media event. It would have changed the face of gaming as we know it. Every sharpie in the world would be ravaging the casino until they either changed their game, or closed their doors.

Until you read about that on the front page of The Telegraph assume that systems still do not work, just as effectively as they have not been working for all these years!


The Martingdale is usually the first choice of a novice gambler. It sounds perfect, wait until a table result is statistically due, then launch a wagering series. If you lose, double your bet. Lose again, keep doubling. Given time, the odds will be so heavily in your favour, that you'll have to win.

Hold on. Not so fast. Do you recall the table I told you about when an even money proposition didn't show up for seventeen spins? Do you know how much it would cost to finance a series of eighteen bets that double each time?

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Assuming that you start at the $5 level, your eighteenth bet (which would net a $5 profit would cost you $655,360. Financing those bets would cost you over a million dollars. But it's a moot point, because you would never get a waiver against the house maximum in the midst of all that. And that point would be reached about half way through the series.

I think the casinos do that to prevent fools being parted from their money on such a grand scale. The reality is, that if you play long enough, you're going to hit the mother of all bad tables.

Of course, you could limit your series to, say, five stages and you would win most of your sessions. But speaking as one who has performed thousands of numerical trials, I've found that on average, no matter how many stages you use, you'll encounter a full series loss at roughly the same rate it takes to earn the units to pay for it. And when you figure in the house edge, the two sets of figures match up almost perfectly!

Amazing stuff, huh?



This is a Martingale that is limited to three stages. At the $5 level, a series of even money bets is $5-10-20. If you don't win by the third stage, you must write off the series as a loss.

A series costs $35. You only have three chances to win, and it will take seven wins to compensate for a series loss.

At a choppy table, a mini-Martingale could keep you winning indefinitely. But when the table pattern changes, you're gonna get a load of buckshot in your butt.

While this ain't the ticket to long-range success, you could do worse. Its like running a yellow light. If you don't do it too often you might be able to dodge the man for some time.


The D'Alembert is also known as the Pyramid, because of the shape of its fluctuating wagering structure. Its pretty simple: increase your bet one unit after every loss, and decrease one unit after every win.

This is one of your pummel-your-way-to-victory deals, and it frequently does work. But there will be times when your bets have been pushed to the ionosphere, and there will be no one on hand to talk you down. Because by that time, a lot of money will be gone, so who would want to?

This is one of the chilling facts of gaming: in the same spirit that everyone loves a winner, nobody likes a loser.


Roulette system


This is another system opposite (like the Anti-Martindale), but it applies to the D'Alembert. With this one, you increase after every win, and decrease after every loss.

Because it offers reasonable protection of the downside, it is one of the better ones to try (if you're determined to play systems), because when the losses come, your bets regress to the base level, where they will stay until the wins return.

It's not a bad way to exploit a winning run, if it is used as a sporadic technique. In fact, I have been known to employ betting schemes that are based around this concept!

THE 1-2-3-4 SYSTEM

I can't let you out of this section without telling you about a wagering device that is frequently used by seasoned players. Think of this one as a one-way D'Alembert, which has been blessed with a four unit ceiling.

This system calls for you to increase your bet size by one unit after every loss until you win, or reach the four unit level. If you don't get a win there, the series is over.

The word "system" is used rather loosely here, because this is more a technique than a system. If played on that basis, I have no strong objections to it. If goves you a strong chance to win, without compelling you to mop up a huge mess when it fails (unless you can't stomach a 10 unit loss). Now, once you reach the third stage, all you're shooting for is to get all or most of your money back, with no hope of showing a profit for the series. But it usually keeps you in the game, and that counts for something.

Although it was designed for even money bets, the 1-2-3-4 can be used for other bets, preferably those which pay somewhere between even money and 2-1. Depending on the payoffs of the bet you're pursuing, it would be possible to garner a profit regardless the stage you're at when the win occurs.

Year's ago, I used this technique quite a bit. But these days, I find that I am more conservative. I seldom chase anything for more than 2 or 3 stages, even with bets that pay 2-1. Time and seasoning have taught me that if you don't catch something early, the prudent move is to abandon the chase. At the next opportunity you'll get your man.

It helps to have that inner knowledge.

LeoVegas Casino review

LeoVegas Casino is an instant play casino founded in 2011. With more than 800 slots available, you have many popular games from Net Entertainment, Play 'N Go, NextGen Gaming and Betsoft. Soon they will be adding IGT (in early 2014) too. New players can get a 200% first deposit bonus up to C$50 plus 222 free spins on Starburst – also, you are rewarded with up to C$700 free on your first 4 deposits.


Customer Support

LeoVegas’ customer service was pretty good from what I’ve seen. They are always open and most importantly offer a freephone telephone number for UK customers. They also offer an email service and Live Chat too. I have tested their Live Chat during peak hours and was surprised to be chatting to a customer service rep within a minute.

They were professional, efficient and knew their product well which impressed me (well, this should be the norm). The staff referred me to the FAQs section on the website (look for the ‘Support’ link on the top left-hand corner) – there’s plenty of information here.

One thing I really liked was their Live Chat function – when you get a response from the support rep, a little noise is played to alert you to the response. I know it’s a little thing but most Live Chat applications don’t do this so you have to sit there and wait for the reply. With LeoVegas, I can carry on browsing or playing slots!

When it comes to withdrawing, you do need to submit identification documents (such as a passport or driver’s license) when you make your first cashout request. This is standard procedure nowadays. When you request a withdrawal, you will be sent an email with all the information and instructions.


Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

LeoVegas Casino has the most popular banking methods available to UK customers. You have a choice of e-wallet solutions such as MoneyBookers/Skrill, NETeller, PaySafeCard and iDeal. You can also use debit/credit cards to deposit (MasterCard/Visa) as well as bank wire. To withdraw, you have 9 options including MoneyBookers/Skrill, NETeller, debit/credit cards and bank transfer. As with other online casinos, you must use the same method to withdraw that you used to deposit.

Cashout times are pretty good too with withdrawals processed within 24 to 48 hours. You need to submit identification documents which you are asked for via email once you submit your first withdrawal request – this contains all the details but it will be ID and proof of address and your bank account/NETeller/Skrill account details where applicable. Documents are verified within the same day too so your cashout can be processed as quickly as possible.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal is C$10 which is reasonable with no fees charged from LeoVegas’ side whatsoever. It would be good if they added PayPal as its popular in the UK but they are fine when in my opinion when it comes to depositing and withdrawing.


LeoVegas Casino Slots

LeoVegas is a no download casino which means all their slots can be played in your browser. You have all the regular casino games like video poker, roulette and blackjack but they are all about slots (like most casinos nowadays). They have over 200 slot games from Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming, Betsoft and Play ‘N Go. They will be adding IGT slots sometime in January/February 2018 so we will keep you posted.

I quite like the Net Entertainment slots they have on offer including the classic Piggy Riches and Gonzo’s Quest. You can also play newer NetEnt slots like Creature from the Black Lagoon and EggOMatic. I highly recommend Starburst though as this can give you huge wins – especially from the Starburst Wilds feature.

When it comes to NextGen Gaming and Play ‘N GO, you have 300 Shields and Medusa from NextGen that I play as well as Riches of Ra from Play ‘N GO – the latter is an imitation of the land based favourite Book of Ra Deluxe but is very good which big wins possible in the free spins feature.

If you want jackpot slots, the ones to play are powered by Net Entertainment. You have the infamous Mega Fortune which paid out the world’s largest ever online jackpot at €17.8 million as well as Hall of Gods which has produced quite a few multi-millionaires.

Bonuses & Promotions

LeoVegas has a good welcome bonus package in my opinion and this was one of the reasons I’ve decided to add them to CA casino players will get a 200% first deposit bonus up to C$50 which is great – deposit from C$10 to C$25 to get a 200% match bonus, free (i.e. deposit C$25, get C$50 free).

Once you do this, you will receive 200 free spins on the Starburst slot. You will get 20 free spins the day you register and deposit and then every day at 11am GMT for 9 days (9 x 20 free spins equals 180 free spins). You just need to open to mentioned game to see your free spins available to play.

Finally, LeoVegas wants you to feel welcome so you are given a bonus on your first 4 deposits. The second bonus is 50% up to C$150 with the third bonus being 50% up to C$200. Finally, the fourth bonus is 25% up to C$300. It’s up to you how much you choose to deposit but there’s a whopping C$700 on offer if you want it.

As for wagering requirements, all deposit bonuses are free spins come with wagering requirements. Slots contribute 100% to the wagering which is great (and standard!). You need to wager the bonus amount or free spins winnings 35 times to withdraw them. Once you have an account, click on the Balance link at the top of the page. Below your balance you will see ‘Bonus part’ – this tells you how much wagering you’ve completed and what is left.

Top 10 Tips For Playing Slots

Slots, as they are commonly know, have become a very popular pastime for many over the last few years, offering a none aggressive form of gambling which can offer some very large payouts. Whether playing slots at the local drinking establishment or down at the local casino, they are everywhere these days.


We hereby list a few helpful rules which will assist you when you starting playing the slot machines:

1. Make full use of the play for fun slot machines where possible, as these will get you used to how the main machines work. Many of the major casinos have such machines which then allow you to step up to the big win machines.

2. As with any form of gambling, it is essential that you put aside a certain amount of money, and do not go over your limit. Gambling can become addictive and you should learn to control you spending at a very early age.

3. Always check the rules and regulations with regards to the machines, as many different establishment will have their own particular small print clauses. You need to be aware, as it may effect your chance to take home that big win!

4. Always start off with the smaller of the coins until you get the hang of the machines, even though you will only be eligible for smaller payouts - your chance at the big ones will come.

5. If you are after the big win, the all or nothing, then the progressive machines will be ideal for you, offering you the chance to win often massive prizes. As the popularity of slots has improved we have seen people winning millions of dollars on these machines!

6. Be very careful when applying for sign-up bonuses as these are not always what they seem, but that will be tucked away in the fine print. Many casino bonuses will only allow you to withdraw your stake / winnings after you have gambled the money a certain number of times.

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7. Do not believe the myths about generous slots and ones which hardly pay out. The industry is very strongly regulated now and there is no way that the casinos would risk their licences for a “doctored” machine.

8. If you are looking to hit the jackpot, then ensure that you are playing the correct game. Some machines only allow you a chance of winning the jackpot if you play with a minimum value coin. If you are playing with a smaller coin, you will not be eligible to the jackpot, but a percentage of you slots will be going towards the jackpot - for someone else!

9. Always, always report faults as soon as they happen at the machines. There are many slot machine players who have had small problems and not reported them, only for the same problem to occur again when they hit a big win. Unless you make the owners aware of the problems, you may end up losing big style yourself.

10. Never forget that slot machines are primed to payout in excess of 90% in winnings, with the actual amount varying depending upon what coins you are using. The longer you play, the more chance of braking even or being up - either way, it gives you more time at the chair, and more time to grab a few complimentary snacks.

Slot machines have been around for many years although the machines available today are head and shoulders above the old ones. Jackpots have also climbed over the last decade, with many players actually becoming millionaires due to the money on offer. Fun or real gambling? Who cares!

Managing Your Online Casino Bankroll

All players have a bankroll to playing online – whether it’s big or small. Follow the tips below so you don’t lose all your money quickly. Enjoying your experience of playing slots online is vital and you need to use your bankroll wisely if you are going to do so.



The main aim is to win whilst playing online but making your money (bankroll) last will surely make you happier. There are no certainties when it comes to the tips below but they will definitely help you make the most of your slots experience.

How big should my bankroll be?

Knowing what you can afford to lose is the first step in determining your bankroll – you don’t want to be spending the money you have which you need to pay your mortgage or rent for example. Putting yourself in a financial situation where you can’t afford to pay for your daily or monthly payments is not recommended in the slightest. You need to be honest and see how much you can afford to play with.

If you were to have £1,000 dispensable income (after paying all bills etc), it would be sensible play with £1,000. You should maybe play with £100 or £200 a month so you have plenty of money left over to live your life!

Break down your bankroll

One thing I highly recommend is to not spend all your money in 1 session. If you have £150 to play with on your favourite slots, don’t go and deposit the full £150 at your chosen online casino. You should maybe divide that up into sessions. If you play 3 times a month, only deposit £50 at a time to make your money last.

You wouldn’t go to Las Vegas with your entire bankroll on the first night. If you had $1,000 to play with, you would perhaps split it up by the number of nights you plan to play at the casinos. Same with holiday money, if you have £2,000 spending money for a 10 day holiday, you would aim to spend £200 a day. Spending your bankroll on the first day or in the first session is not wise!

One thing you need here is to be honest and true to your set bankroll. Don’t go and spend that little bit more as that is one of the first signs of chasing your losses. Keep to your target and quit when you reach that target!

Put your winnings to one side

If you manage to win whilst playing slot games online, you should put these winnings to one side. As with the 1st tip, you should also determine what win amount would be significant to you. If you were to play with £50 per session, winning £100 could be considered a decent win amount. Therefore, if you manage to win £100 playing slots, you should cashout this £100 immediately.

Or if you like, you could cashout your deposit amount – if you deposit £50 and manage to win £50, cashout the £50 so you have this deposit amount to use another time. Then you can afford to play again for free and also gamble the remainder of the original deposit at higher stakes in search for that big win!

I recommend you play at LeoVegas Casino who allow you to manually flush your cashout request. This means you cannot cancel your cashout request once submitted. So, if you are playing with £100 and you win £200, you could cashout the £200 and play with the remainder of your deposit. When you request a manual flush, you won’t be tempted to play with your winnings therefore safeguarding it for another day/session.

Don’t ever chase your losses

If you have lost your set bankroll (which occurs quite a lot!), do not carry on playing and lose more money! You should accept you have lost and come back another time. Also, if you are losing, do not change the way you play – for example, if you are down to your last £20 (from a £100 bankroll), do not start playing at £2 a spin when you normally play at 50p a spin – this will make sure your last £20 will disappear rather quickly.

However, if you are losing, reduce your stake so your bankroll lasts longer. Another tip is to walk away from your PC or laptop and then come back in 30 minutes or an hour. Your head will be cleared and who knows, your luck may change!

Bet big when winning

If you are winning, I recommend you increase your stake – the reason I say this is because you are already winning so you can afford to take the risk. Let’s say you play with £50 and win £150 – this will bring your total to £200. I suggest playing £50 or so on a higher stake to see what happens. You could win even bigger which is the aim! However, set your limit as to how much you would be happy cashing out and stick to it. Make sure you don’t carry on playing at a higher stake till you lose your whole bankroll.

Research the slots you want to play

Playing slot games you know and like always helps – if you are playing a new game, you might not know the betting limits (they may be too high or low for you). If you want to try out a new out a new slot game, go to the Paytable or View Pays information to check out the features and betting limits before you start playing.

If you are unsure of a particular slot game, try finding it in our Online Slots section – this includes an in-depth review into the features and how much you can play for. You can also play the slot for free to make sure you like it first!

Know Your Limits

Knowing when to stop is crucial to enjoying your online slots experience. If you have lost your daily or session bankroll and want to carry on playing, it is very easy to deposit using a debit or credit card. If you use Neteller for example, you would need to deposit to Neteller and from Neteller to the online casino – this extra step will make you think again about depositing when you’ve lost your bankroll.

Admitting your may have a gambling problem is the hardest thing to do – stick to the points 1 and 2 and you will be fine. If you cannot refrain yourself, take a walk or speak to a relative, partner or friend. You can always contact a casino’s support team and ask them to suspend your account for a short or extended period of time.

Keep calm and objective

Emotions come into play naturally if you win (happiness) or lose (disappointment) – if you can keep a clear head and keep calm, you will be able to manage your bankroll better. For example, if you are losing heavily, it’s easy to become annoyed and angry. This may lead you to increase your stake to win it all back – this is against everything outlined above and will result in your eventually losing even more.

If you are not feeling calm, take a break – get some fresh air, go for a walk, go for a smoke, have a drink. Do anything that will help you relax. Decisions are best made when you are calm and objective.

Claim the correct bonus

There are many bonuses offered by the casinos – you need to read the terms and conditions carefully to fully understand all the details. You need to look at wagering requirements. For example, if you get a bonus, you need to wager the bonus or deposit amount a certain amount of times before you can withdraw the bonus (and the winnings). If you withdraw before you complete the wagering requirements, you will lose the bonus.

Other things to look at are the allowed or eligible games – slots tend to contribute 100% to the wagering requirements of most bonuses but make sure you check. Another thing to consider is how the bonus is available for – for example, a bonus might need to be claimed within 24 hours or 48 hours in some cases. If you cannot complete the wagering requirements in that time frame, you shouldn’t take up the bonus.


Managing your bankroll is vital to playing slots or any other casino game online – if you don’t do it properly, you could lose all your money and endanger your financial stability. Play with what you can afford and be disciplined so you can enjoy the experience for a longer amount of time. One thing you should not is that managing your bankroll more efficiently will not change your chances of winning or losing – no-one can pre-determine what will happen in that respect.

Online Slots for Fun

Playing slots is a pastime that has been around for quite a long time; in fact since the invention of the first slot machine in 1895. With the traditional slot machine, you had to go to the casino to try out your luck at slots. However today, the internet has brought with it the convenience of being able to play online slots for fun from the comfort of your home.

All you need is an internet connection and a computer to be able to play online slots for fun. There are hundreds of online casinos offering online slots for fun for you; all you have to do is to use a search engine to find these sites. It is then up to you to decide if you wish to play online slots for fun or for money.

If it is your first go at online slots, it is better to have a few trial games before actually playing for money. This is to ensure that you get a hang of the game and the rules of it. Once you find that you are quite comfortable with the game, you can start playing online slots for money.

Advantages of playing online slots for fun

There are many advantages to playing online slots for fun. The greatest advantage is the amount of money you save by not having to travel to a casino to try out your luck at slots. You just have to switch on your computer, and you can start playing slots in your pajamas, while drinking beer or while cooking dinner.


Another advantage of playing online slots for fun is that there is no smoked filled casino you have to stand in to play slots. You play in your home, and thus, you don’t have to put up with the noisy halls and annoying people around you. Moreover, it is possible for you to play online slots for fun whenever you want.

There is no closing and opening hours as these casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is to visit the site, register on it and if you are playing for money, make an initial deposit.

Types of online slots

There are three categories of online slots for you to choose from; classic slots, progressive slots and bonus video slots. Of these three categories, the bonus video slots are the most popular option, obviously for the side bonuses; you stand to win while playing the game.

In the case of classic slots, there are three reels in the machine with only one pay line. However, in the case of progressive slots, there is usually a chain of slot machines from numerous online casinos that create an ever-growing jackpot.

As more players play progressive slots, the winning amount keeps on increasing. And if no one wins, you stand to win a larger amount when you try your luck at the game.

You can win tokens to redeem for tickets

It is also possible for you to play online slots for free, where you win prizes that the site donates with the intention of increasing the popularity of the site. This is because the more people who play online slots for fun at the site for the prizes and cash offered, the more exposure the site receives.

There are also some sites where you are offered tokens while playing slots, which can be redeemed for raffle tickets. These tickets can in turn be used for winning cash or other prizes.

However in some sites, there may be limits on the number of prizes you can win while playing online slots for fun. In some sites, you will be able to win an item per spin and in some sites, only win once a day.

Be careful of email sensitive sites

There are also some sites that are email sensitive, where you cannot register more than one email account, in a bid to play more online slots for fun. So be careful of these sites as some sites are very strict and if found overriding their rules, you may end up banned from the site, and not be able to play online slots for fun on it anymore.

However you have to be careful before playing slots in these sites; this is because there may be a catch somewhere. Some sites make this offer to entice you to sign in for a credit card which can be used for real online gaming.

Then there are some sites that offer free games only for a temporary period, after which you have to start playing for money. So find out more about this before you actually start playing online slots for fun on these sites, to prevent future uncomfortable situations.

Some sites limit the number of free games

There are also some sites that offer limits on the number of times you can play free slots. They usually permit three spins in an hour, and in some sites, it may be less.

So to ensure that you really play online slots for fun, it is important that you choose the right online slots casino website which offers free slots machine games and a no download slot machine for practicing your game. Also play the game that suits you the most, and is the most entertaining for you to spend your time playing in.

If you intend to play for money, make sure you set aside a fixed amount of money only for playing slots. You should not exceed this amount even if you end up not winning any money.

This way, you will not spend more than you can afford, and can really play online slots for fun. If you keep on spending more money than you can afford, you slowly end up in debt, and will not think that playing slots is really any fun.