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Top 10 Tips For Playing Slots

Slots, as they are commonly know, have become a very popular pastime for many over the last few years, offering a none aggressive form of gambling which can offer some very large payouts. Whether playing slots at the local drinking establishment or down at the local casino, they are everywhere these days.


We hereby list a few helpful rules which will assist you when you starting playing the slot machines:

1. Make full use of the play for fun slot machines where possible, as these will get you used to how the main machines work. Many of the major casinos have such machines which then allow you to step up to the big win machines.

2. As with any form of gambling, it is essential that you put aside a certain amount of money, and do not go over your limit. Gambling can become addictive and you should learn to control you spending at a very early age.

3. Always check the rules and regulations with regards to the machines, as many different establishment will have their own particular small print clauses. You need to be aware, as it may effect your chance to take home that big win!

4. Always start off with the smaller of the coins until you get the hang of the machines, even though you will only be eligible for smaller payouts - your chance at the big ones will come.

5. If you are after the big win, the all or nothing, then the progressive machines will be ideal for you, offering you the chance to win often massive prizes. As the popularity of slots has improved we have seen people winning millions of dollars on these machines!

6. Be very careful when applying for sign-up bonuses as these are not always what they seem, but that will be tucked away in the fine print. Many casino bonuses will only allow you to withdraw your stake / winnings after you have gambled the money a certain number of times.

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7. Do not believe the myths about generous slots and ones which hardly pay out. The industry is very strongly regulated now and there is no way that the casinos would risk their licences for a “doctored” machine.

8. If you are looking to hit the jackpot, then ensure that you are playing the correct game. Some machines only allow you a chance of winning the jackpot if you play with a minimum value coin. If you are playing with a smaller coin, you will not be eligible to the jackpot, but a percentage of you slots will be going towards the jackpot - for someone else!

9. Always, always report faults as soon as they happen at the machines. There are many slot machine players who have had small problems and not reported them, only for the same problem to occur again when they hit a big win. Unless you make the owners aware of the problems, you may end up losing big style yourself.

10. Never forget that slot machines are primed to payout in excess of 90% in winnings, with the actual amount varying depending upon what coins you are using. The longer you play, the more chance of braking even or being up - either way, it gives you more time at the chair, and more time to grab a few complimentary snacks.

Slot machines have been around for many years although the machines available today are head and shoulders above the old ones. Jackpots have also climbed over the last decade, with many players actually becoming millionaires due to the money on offer. Fun or real gambling? Who cares!